My mom always told me. You can get away with not spending much on certain clothing items. But bras and shoes… never! You get what you pay for.

I totally agree. (Thanks Mom! Messaging emoji kisses your way.) Especially when it comes to nursing bras. Having a properly fitting nursing bra is essential. I’ve worn nursing bras before that were so tight or ill-fitting that they gave me clogged milk ducts. It’s hard enough to breastfeed and there’s plently of reasons why one gets mastitis, cracked nipples, chaffing… having a bra that actually causes these things is SO not cool.

Here is a list of all the nursing bras I’ve reviewed. It’s obviously ideal to be able to go to a store and try these on in person but sometimes that just doesn’t work. The store either doesn’t carry your size or they only have like one style of nursing bra. Or perhaps you’re so tired you can hardly lift the apple TV remote… getting in the car and driving anywhere sounds like mission impossible.

SO online shopping might be the best option. I’m especially a fan of Nordstrom because they offer free shipping an free returns. I usually get multiple sizes in each style I want to try and then return what doesn’t work. And since there’s no fee associated with it, I feel like I’m really able to test my options and see what will work for my lifestyle.

Nursing Bra Reviews:

Cheers to good fitting nursing bras and a perkier you. I mean. When the girls are in the right spot feeling comfy, who knows what we can accomplish!?!

And please let me know if you have a favorite brand or style of nursing bra. I’d love to hear all about it.

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