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Breastfeeding is better for your baby’s health and a natural way to bond. But what they don’t tell you is:


  • Nursing around the clock will turn you into a professional recluse. (Your new best friend: Online shopping.)
  • You can bring a cover to avoid flashing strangers when you’re nursing out in public, but your grabby baby will still steal your modesty like it’s their job.
  • Most nursing bras and maternity shirts are a maze of uncomfortable snaps and clips that make you feel like a lumpy, leaky mess.
  • You become a scavenger who spends 87% of your day worried about if you’re eating enough calories or getting enough protein.
  • Losing the baby weight while keeping up a healthy milk supply is next to impossible.

Hi! I’m Ali Clare. And after having my first son, I quickly learned that breastfeeding wasn’t as easy or convenient as I thought it’d be.

I know what it’s like to feel embarrassed, hormonally confused and overwhelmed by something that’s supposed to come naturally to you…

Like you, I hid out in bathrooms or cars to avoid nursing in public. It took me months of experimentation to curate a fashionable wardrobe that I felt comfortable nursing in when family and friends were around. I struggled to lose the baby weight while nursing because all I wanted to do was eat ALL THE THINGS.

And I received a lot of contradictory information from others that made me feel like I was doing something wrong if it wasn’t “by the book”. Magazines and social media don’t always show the messier side of motherhood. But I believe that sharing the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding has the power to free women from the expectations we put on ourselves, so we can feel less isolated in this wacky world of breast pads, pumps and creams.

The Nursing Lifestyle is my way of sharing my personal style and products that I love. Thank you for stoping by and I hope you enjoy reading along!

xxo, ali clare