Happy Saturday! Last week I got to spend some time resting and relaxing at The Grove Park in Asheville, NC. It was the first time my mom, sister and I all got to hang out together without any distractions in over 5 years. Way overdue!

During the ride up there I listened to several Tim Ferriss podcasts and as usual they got me thinking. I needed to change a few daily habits to help reduce stress, anxiety and be more present for those around me. It’s hard in many ways because morning routines play a huge role in the success of the day and for me (and I’m sure you too!), I’m jolted out of bed at 5am every morning and don’t stop until the kids go to bed at night. So am I supposed to wake up at 4am to get my consistent morning routine in? AGH! That seams like an easy umm… NOPE.

But I’m working on coming up with something that’s sustainable. Until then… we can chat about this dress. LOL!

You know that type of dress you can just throw on and do whatever in and it works. This is one of those. It’s loose and flowy but has a belt to help add structure and shape. It of course is easy to nurse in since it’s button up and the ruffle sleeves… YES! (OH and this dress is $11.99….WHAT!?!)

Romwe-Wrap-Dress-Nursing-Friendly-Breastfeeding5 Romwe-Wrap-Dress-Nursing-Friendly-Breastfeeding4Romwe-Wrap-Dress-Nursing-Friendly-Breastfeeding6Romwe-Wrap-Dress-Nursing-Friendly-Breastfeeding2 Romwe-Wrap-Dress-Nursing-Friendly-Breastfeeding3 Romwe-Wrap-Dress-Nursing-Friendly-Breastfeeding1


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