I wasn’t sure if I was feeding my baby enough.

How frequently do I feed him? How much milk is he getting when he nurses?

Upon returning home with my sweet baby boy, I quickly realized I had a lot of questions about breastfeeding.

And considering it’s pretty important, you know to feed your baby, I was terrified. Surely I was messing something up.

After labor I was tired. I recall a breastfeeding specialist visiting me. But then again it could have been a figment of my imagination.

Thank God for online everything. It was helpful to navigate the choppy waters of nursing by using these three online breastfeeding resources.

Let’s dive in.

First on my list of all time favorite breastfeeding resources is KellyMom.com. I literally can’t say enough about how amazing this resource is. One of my missions is life it to tell everyone about this website. It ROCKS. (And yes, I am yelling at you. But in a totally good way. Like a cheerleader but without the cute mini skirt and big bow.)

KellyMom.com is a winner because:

  • It’s evidence-based information on breastfeeding.
  • She’s a mom herself!
  • She’s an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.
  • There’s a Facebook group you can join to chat with other moms for encouragement.

Link: KellyMom.com


Breastfeeding resourcesSecond on my list is AskDrSears.com. His approach to breastfeeding resonates with me. I love how he has a category that easily explains why breastfeeding is optimal. It’s always nice to remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing.

AskDrSears.com is a great resource because:

  • The page is very well organized so finding information quickly is easy.
  • He’s a medical Dr.
  • It has diverse information coverage. (Topics range from how to change diapers to details on introducing solids.)

Link: AskDrSears.com


Breastfeeding resourcesThird on my list of all time favorite breastfeeding resources is the La Leche League International website. It offers real advice on how to nurse. I love how you can locate a professional right in your hometown if you need added support.

LLLI.org rocks because:

  • You can easily find someone to help in your hometown.
  • It’s available in multiple languages.
  • They have a page called “answers” with well… answers to lots of common and not so common questions.

Link: LLLI.org


Crossing my fingers these resources give you that much needed help in a very confusing time! Luckily, there’s lots of support you can get from the comfort of your robe, slippers and milk stained nursing bra.


Tell me! What’s your favorite breastfeeding resources?




Jennifer Barter

I really like the Seven Logics Baby Nursing App. I used it to time all of (well, at least when I would remember to start the timer) my sessions nursing both of my children. I especially found it helpful for the middle of the night feedings as I half asleep stumbled into the nursery and probably couldn’t even tell you what state I was currently living in let alone coherently time how long we nursed. I liked having a record of how long we nursed, what time we nursed, what breast we needed to start on, etc. It helped me to try and establish a routine, make sure I was offering the breast enough, and really the only way to measure “how much” my babies were eating. I mean, I could hardly remember what month it was let alone when I last nursed or for how long. I also like the app because you can enter in our baby’s weight and height and see their growth curve and percentiles, record doctor’s visits or vaccines, medications, etc. It just is a pretty comprehensive record (as much as you want to enter) on your phone so you always have it with you. Oh, and it’s free!

National Breastfeeding Week

[…] But for those who choose to nurse, I want this website to be a resource for clothes, products, tips, tricks … all that is nursing from a non-medical point of view. (and if you want a medical resource my favs are linked here) […]


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